What is the Importance of Guru in Life?

Importance of Guru in Life

Importance of Guru in Life

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, it’s easy to get caught up in the external aspects of life. At present, it is found that everyone is just chasing after success, material possessions, and societal recognition.

We are chasing all materialistic things in a manner like we have to stay in this world forever, but is this true? No, as we all are mortal and we all will die. However, we forget this truth and has created our own world where we have lots of stuff to do. People think they are living in their own different world. In such scenario Importance of Guru in Life arises.

It is necessary to understand that we are come from the same place, that is Universe and we all have to go back to the same place when we die. There is no different world created by the Creator for us.  

Importance of Guru in Life

What is the Importance of Guru in Spiritual Journey?

We all are living in the same world but we all have created our different worlds and living in it. This is a misuse of our cerebral capability as we are here to penetrate and absorb life rather than materialistic aspects. However, what we are doing, we are creating parallel world of our own which is creating hurdle in the path of our Spiritual Journey.

In such situation, Importance of Guru in Life takes place as he puts you back into the real world. Guru helps you to come up from psychological world and enables to reach at the world which is crafted by the creator. It allows an individual to unbind himself from the fake world that he has created in his mind.   

You need to know that Truth is about Creation and it is not about a Psychological Reality that we have created in our own mind.   

How Guru Helps in Spiritual Journey?

Guru helps his devotee to move forward in the Spiritual Journey but the role of Guru is not limited to this aspect as he helps an individual in every aspect of life and support to live full-fledged. In Worldly life, Guru guides to decide what is good and what is bad for your life.

Guru enables intuition power in an individual so that you become able to develop the power to decide what path to take and which path to avoid to enhance the chances of success, happy life, achieving career goals, self-actualization, and so on. Guru is the personality who can lead you towards enlighten.

Do Guru Helps in Inner Awakening?

We as individual, like a seed who have potential to grow as a big tree. However, a seed can only become tree when it gets proper environment to flourish. Similarly, Guru is just like an environment provider who enable us to get sow in the fertile land and ensure that we get all the necessary environment which is required to sprouting and growing so that we can flourish and can live full-fledged life.

If an individual does not sprout or grow, he could not become able to see different dimensions of life and cannot experience life as a whole. When a child is 1 year of age, he does not know how to walk but as he remains available to change, slowly and gradually he learns variety of things to get fit into the human society. Like the only way for the seed to remain safe is to sprout and to become a plant as in stagnation, there is no safety and no life too.

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