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Kundali Matching for Marriage

According to the Hindu culture, marriage is very auspicious occasion. It is a sacred relation in which two individuals (a boy & a girl) tie a knot to be committed for their whole life, isn’t it amazing!!

In earlier time, people understand their partner & maintain their marriage, lifelong. However, nowadays divorce is a common thing. The reason behind it, that in ancient time, people do Kundali Milan or Kundali Matchmaking for marriage.

In today’s fast-paced world, where love and relationships often take a backseat, finding the perfect life partner can be a daunting task. However, ancient wisdom has provided us with a valuable tool called Kundali Matching, also known as Horoscope Matching. Kundali Matching for Marriage helps to determine the compatibility between two individuals seeking to tie the knot.

What Is Kundali Matching for Marriage?

Kundali Matching is a traditional Vedic practice that involves comparing the birth charts of a prospective bride and groom to assess their compatibility for marriage. It is based on the belief that the positions of celestial bodies at the time of birth can influence one’s personality traits, behavior patterns, and overall destiny.

By analyzing these birth charts, astrologers can gain insights into various aspects of a couple’s lives, such as their emotional compatibility, financial stability, health prospects, and more.

Kundali matching for Marriage is an ancient way of horoscope matching of a man and woman before marriage. It is only based on the placement of Moon. The birth charts of a girl and a boy are tested to judge the compatibility on the basis of eight different Koota and 36 Guns or Ganans.

Kundali Matching for Marriage

A maximum score of matchmaking is 36 Guns which shows high compatibility & a successful married life. However, 18 is the minimum match score which shows average married life. The result below 18 is not recommended as it shows an unsuccessful married life. 

Does Matchmaking for Marriage Horoscope Really Works?

A Question Raise In The Mind Of Many People, that there are lots of couples whose 36 Gun matched but still they do not have a successful marriage or have taken divorce, what is the reason behind it? This is because marital happiness does not lie on the configuration of the moon only.

However, other factors should also be considered, such as – financial status, physical status, progeny, life longevity, mental status, mutual understanding and much more should be taken into consideration. So, only Gun Milan is not sufficient, Kundali should also be matched.

Kundali Matching for Marriage

What Are The Other Factors For Horoscope Matching?

Life Longevity

Longevity of both the individuals is checked separately through kundali then the difference of their life span is checked. If there is too much difference between their age, then there is no point of successful married life. This is studied through the Lagnesh. It is an essential part as a shorter life of would-be spouse, will be unfair for the other person.

Physical Status

This analysis helps to reveal that is there any history of illness in both the Individual’s life which can remain constant in their upcoming life too. Moreover, it will help to judge the compatibility & the chemistry between the couple which is the foremost & important part of a successful marriage life. 

Progeny Prospects

The marriage leads for the purpose of procreation of new generations. So, a boy and a girl’s horoscope are checked separately to know the possibility of having at least one child in the future.

Kundali Matching for Marriage

Financial Status

It is necessary to check the financial status of the individuals, especially the boy’s financial condition in the upcoming life as it is compulsory for the survival of the couple & to lead a successful married life.


Is Kundali Matching Necessary For Happy Married Life?

Yes, Kundali Matching plays significant role in finding right soulmate as marriage is not the relation of few days but lifelong.

What To Do If My Kundali does not Match With The Person Whom I love?

There are various remedies in Vedic Astrology to rectify the Doshas. By following the appropriate method that is relevant to you according to your horoscope and ganas, this issue can be dealt such as reciting Hanuman Chalisa, keeping fasts, Kumbh Vivah, etc.

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