What is Anxiety Disorder? How to Overcome it?

What is Anxiety Disorder

In the current fast-pace life, huge population is dealing with Anxiety.  If our mind starts taking instructions from us, then would we create anxiety?? No! as no one of us want anxiety. However, it is not in our hand to control our mind. So, let’s discuss What is Anxiety Disorder, why it is increasing and how to handle it?

So, don’t look for answers elsewhere as it is just our own physiology and our psychological pattern that our mind is not in our control and it’s not taking instructions from us.

Anxiety cannot go away from us, if we say to let the things go as it seems good in fancy book but in reality, it is not possible for us. So, we need to work to deal with this Disorder.

What is Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorder is a mental health condition under which an individual face the issue of excessive and persistent feelings of worry, fear, or unease. This disorder interferes with daily functioning and quality of life which can negatively impact personal and professional success.

Why Anxiety Disorder is Increasing Nowadays?

After knowing about What is Anxiety Disorder? Now the question arises why it has severely increased nowadays We have five sense organs. Our eyes are one of them and they are designed to see twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness. However, at present, in every moment of our life light is penetrating. Similarly our ears are also going through sound 24 hours as there is something going on all the time in our surrounding.

Non-stop impact of light, sound and many other inputs effect our system. It impacts stability and balance of human body. So, there is a requirement of stable atmosphere however, most of us do not have the opportunity or option for it.

According to Science, anxiety disorders can be multifactorial which includes combination of genetic, environmental, and neurochemical factors. An individual may have traumatic experiences, chronic stress, imbalances in brain chemistry, family history of anxiety, and certain medical conditions that contribute to the anxiety disorder.

However, we can take care of these things in our home at least. People are facing the situation instable atmosphere in family or parents are screaming on each other in front children.

How To Handle Anxiety Disorder?

If an individual is suffering with Anxiety Disorder and tend to resist this stress and worry then what he/she can do to overcome this disorder and to live joyful life? Is it possible to overcome this Disorder?

You believe or not, the input we are taking are reflecting in our behaviour. For instance, the movie or serial we see, that people are screaming on each other, doing planning & plotting, doing violence, disrespecting other. Due to this, people start feeling that this is the way to handle emotion. These movies are setting examples regarding the ways people handle emotions.

To control anxiety, you are just required to do Simple task and you will find that most of the anxiety will settle down by itself. You need to understand that whenever your emotions go out of control, then instead of doing violence or shouting on others, you need to work on yoursellf.

You just need to shut up, close your eyes and sit alone at a silent place for some time. That’s the way of handling emotion so that you will not mess with rest of the world and do not become dangerous for others.

You can go through below mentioned blog to control your emotions while practising Inside-Out.

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How to Control Anxiety Disorder In Children?

In cinema, shooting and killing is normal however, in your real life, is it normal? No!! Our kids are watching this and it is impacting their way of thinking. This violence and aggression take place in their absent mind and it comes out in form of anxiety disorder.

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