Who Am I? Knowing Yourself : Inside and Out!! 

Who Am I?

We know about the World, even about the Universe but do we know about ourselves? Do we have the answer of Who Am I?

Who Am I?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that Who Am I? Whatever accumulated by an individual can belong to him but cannot be he himself. For instance, this body is accumulated by us which is heap of food; our mind is accumulated by us which is heap of impression but they are not us.

It is essential to know that you are not the mind and not even the body. You possess or accumulate them but they are not you. When you understand this aspect, then you become able to focus in soul which is you.

You know, you have a body and mind but at some extent you also know that the rest is belief. However, you also need to acknowledge that your body and mind is also not you. Hence, to accumulate your body and mind , there is something more fundamental present there and that is your soul, basically ‘You’.

Knowing Yourself

How To Go Inside Yourself?

The answer of every question is inside ourselves. Hence, if we go inside ourselves then we can become so potent that we become able to gain the answer of every question. However, now the question arises how can we go inside ourselves. Now question raises how to go inside yourself? I can go inside the room, inside the theatre, inside the park however, how can I go inside me?

Different people utilize different method to go inside and a strategy may work for one person may not work for another person. So, may be different person requires to employ different strategy to go inward. However, while talking to the term inward and outward in a generic manner, a person first requires to determine what is inward and what is outward for him. The world outside us is outward, our body is also outward, the information that we feed in our mind is also external.

What is The Simple Technique of Knowing Yourself : Inside and Out? 

You can do a simple practice, from today for knowing yourself. Whenever you go to bed, keep all those things aside which is not you. Whatever you accumulate, they may be precious to you however that is not you. For instance, may be your house is precious to you, now you need to ask question from yourself, whether it is you? No. So, if you have lots of passion about it then also keep it aside. Your children, is it you? They have taken birth from you but they are not you.

The clothes that you wear or the body you possess or the thoughts that arise in your mind are they you? The answer of all these questions is ‘NO’. Now, everything that is not you, just keep them all aside not physically but mentally.

Everyday try to practice it and one day when you successfully keep everything aside that you are not, what you are will be there and you will reach at the place where you are knowing yourself. So, now I think you understood that to find out ourselves or to go inside the self, there is a requirement of knowing the real YOU.

What Are The Problems I May Face While Going Inward?

The big problem that we face while going inward is that we have lots of knowledge about the things that we have not seen. So, instead of showing rush to reaching conclusion on the basis of present perception, Lets pay more attention to yourself as human is the best creation on the Earth which deserves attention. If you pay enough attention to yourself then everything will be clear to you and you will reach to the self-actualization.

Why People Face Difficulty In Knowing Themself?

If you do not know about yourself, then it’s not a problem as there is always a possibility of knowing. But if you do not know and you think you know then you can destroy all the possibilities of knowing. We know about what is happening in the world, what is happening in Universe but do we know about ourselves? It’s a big Question. It’s still not too late, we can start paying attention to ourselves from today itself.

How To Start Thinking Positive?

Everything that we know, we know in the way it is projected by our mind. So, there is a requirement of fixing the way information is projected in the mind. First thing is making mind stable and taking the things in a way in which they actually are. It will help you to see everything as they are not in some other way. It will help you instead of taking the things in a distorted manner, considering them as they are.

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